ХРАМ Преподобный Серафим Премудрость Божия

The Church of St.Serafim Sarovsky

Brothers and Sisters!

The Dean and the parish kindly ask you for your prayes and for the possible financial support for the successful completion of the reconstruction.

Our Payment Details

Vladimir Eparchy
of Russian Orthodox Church
(Moscow patriarchate)
Orthodox Parish
of St. Serafim of Sarov
Alexandrov, Vladimir Region

Payment details :
601654, Alexandrov, Vladimir region.,
Vokzalnaya str., 12.
tel. +7 (49244) 3-05-59
current account 40703810110110100161
in Kolchugino bank department №2484
correspondent account 30101810000000000602
in Vladimir Subsidiary of Sberbank №8611
Bank Identification Code (BIK) 041708602
Identification Tax Payer Number (INN) 3301013898
OKPO 54611303
OGRN 1033303600626

You can discuss the questions related to the support of the Church with the Dean Oleg Turkov:

By phone :
+7 (49244) 3-05-59

or by e-mail:
to the Dean


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