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The Church of St.Serafim Sarovsky


Dates from Life of St.Serafim



July 19 (August 1 Gregorian time) 1754 - the birth date of Prokhor Moshnin (later hieromonk Serafim) in Kursk.

1761 - Prokhor fell down from the bellfry which was under construction in Kursk, but remained safe and sound.

1764 - serious illness and miraculous recovery with the help of the icon of the Most Holy Mother of God " The sign of Kursk-Korennoy"

1776 - pilgrimage of Prokhor to Kiev, where hermit Dosifey gave his blessing for joining the Hermitage of Sarov.

November 20, 1778 - joining the Hermitage of Sarov

1780 - 1783 - serious illness and recovery after the visit of Our Lady accompanied by the Apostles - St. Peter and St. John the Theologian.

August 13, 1786 - taking of monastic vows with the name of Serafim (Flaming)

October 27, 1786 - ordination into hierodeacon

October 2, 1793 - chirotony into hieromonk

1794 - removal to the Remote hermitage; start of a hermit's life.

1794 - 1798 - praying on the rock (1000 days and nights)

September 1804 - robbers' mugging and recovery with the help of Our Lady.

1806 - start of spritual care of Diveevo nuns.

1807 - 1810 - life of absolute silence in the Remote hermitage.

May 8, 1810 - return to the monastry and start of reclusion life there.

1813 - start of life of a monastic elder

1821 - the first miracle of St.Serafim - heeling of a landlord Manturov of his leg desease

November 25, 1825 - Our Lady shows St.Serafim the place of the construction of the mill and the names of the first eight sisters of Mill community

December 9, 1827 - foundation of Mill community in Diveevo

March 24, 1831 - last attendance of St.Serafim by Our Lady, who told him about the date of his death

September 5, 1831 - curing of landlord Motovilov. In future he became the patron of Diveevo convent, "lay brother of Our Lady and Serafim"

November 1831 - conversation of St.Serafim with N.Motovilov about the purpose and the point of the life of a Christian

January 2 (January 15 Gregorian style) 1833 - the blissful departure of St.Serafim (78 years old).

July 1903 - Sarov feast - St.Serafim was declared Saint; his holy relics were open. Tsar Nikolay II and his family visited Sarov and Diveevo as was predicted by St.Serafim


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