ХРАМ Премудрость Божия

The Church of St.Serafim Sarovsky


The intravitam portrait of St. SeraphimDear fathers, brothers and sister, who apply to St.Serafim's intercession and support in their prayes!

Our Lord determined that we should live in the years which define the destiny and the future of our country. In this uneasy time many of us are lacking the peaceful and creative spririt - the spirit of Humility and Love.

How up-to-date the words of the flaming elder Serafim: "My joy, I plead you, gain the peaceful spirit and one thousand souls will be saved next to you". Let's hope that Our Lord, in reply to the prayes of St.Serafim, will send this peaceful spirit in our souls and will help us to overcome the problems.

St.Serafim carried the happiness for Ressurected God, our Saviour to us. Let us keep in in our hearts!

Alexiy, Partiarch of Moscow and All Russia
July 23, 1991



© The Church of St.Serafim Sarovsky in the town of Alexandrov, Vladimir region